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Carpet Descriptions & Colors

We provide a carpet sample board with samples of the various carpet types and color choices available. There is a $25.00 charge for this service which we credit back on  any full carpet set order. We also requested that the carpet sample board be returned and provide a return label. To take advantage of this service call us or use our secure  on-line order form.

Custom Carpet Sample Board: #CSP01 $25.00

Nylon Pile: Our most popular material. 3/8" cut pile height with smooth, even face appearance. An economical replacement for most wool carpet.
Dense Pile: A high quality upgrade to a more dense, thus more durable and attractive carpet. The most popular economical alternative to wool carpet.
Nylon Loop: Long wearing 100% nylon loop, economical alternative to German Loop.
80/20 Loop: Heavy twisted loops create the face appearance, more durable than nylon loop.
German Loop: Original nylon loop curl carpet. Most colors are two-toned.
German Velour: Original carpet used in many Italian cars from the mid 70's to present. 1/4"  pile height with very dense, even face appearance.
PG Blend: A high quality upgrade or alternative to more costly wool carpet. A twisted yarn wool blend, 5/16" pile height, durable and very attractive.
Wilton Wool II & III: Original 5/16' pile, dense, 100% wool found in many Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari and other European models.

Nylon Pile Color Choices: Black, Med Blue, Dark Blue, Navy, Royal Blue, Charcoal, Grey, Med Dark Grey, Dark Grey, Silver, Brown, Buckskin, Biscuit, Caramel, Sand, Saddle, Taupe, Maroon, Maple, Red, Carmine, Jade Green, Willow Green.
Nylon Loop Color Choices: Black, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Grey, Brown, Fawn, Gold, Saddle, Maroon, Red, Olive Green, Turquoise.
Dense Pile Color Choices: Black, Med Blue, Dark Blue, Charcoal, Grey, Med Dark Grey, Dark Grey, Brown, Beige, Palomino, Saddle, Burgundy, Red.
German Loop & Velour Color Choices: Black Tweed, Dark Blue, Navy, Charcoal, Grey, Silver, Brown, Beige, Cream, Palomino, Burgundy, Red, Dark Red.
PG Blend Color Choices: Black, Med Blue, Dark Blue, Charcoal, Silver, Brown, Beige, Fawn, Gold, Saddle, Burgundy, Maroon/Blood Red or Bright Red.
Wilton Wool II & III Color Choices: Med Blue, LtBlue, Silver Blue, Lake Blue, Ocean Blue, Coral, Navy, Brown, Chocolate, Buckskin, Cooper, Saddle, Beige, Biscuit, Fawn, Taupe, Sand, Sandalwood, Gray, Gray Rose, Silver, Maroon, Red, Bright Red, Dark Red, Burgundy, Olive, Dark Green, Light Green, Black.
80/20 Trunk Set Color Choices: Med Blue, Light Blue, Navy, Saddle, Brown, Sandalwood, Gray Rose, Silver, Maroon, Red, Olive, Dark Green, Light Green, Black.

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