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Rebuilt Parts for Lancia Models

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AlternatorAll Lancia Models
Alternator, Beta Coupe, Sedan, Zagato, HPE, 79-82: #BZRAL $379.95*
*Note: Core in advance required

Brake Booster: Beta, Zagato: #88764 $425.00 ea*
Brake Booster, rebuilt, Fluvia: #LA88764Fr $595.00 ea*
*Note: Core in advance required
Brake Booster

Brake Calipers, Master & related parts
Brake Caliper, Front, rebuilt, Beta: #LA79047fr $349.50*
Brake Caliper, Rear, rebuilt, Beta: #LA79047rr $349.50*
Brake Caliper, Front, rebuilt, Zigato: #LA790478r $325.00*
Brake Caliper, Rear, rebuilt, Zigato: #LA790479r $349.50*
Brake Caliper, Front, rebuilt, Fluvia: #la79047fr $389.95 ea*
Brake Caliper, Rear, rebuilt, Fluvia: #la79047rr $369.95 ea*
Brake Master, rebuilt, Zigato: #la7901m/r $479.95 ea*
Brake Master, rebuilt, Fluvia: #la790m/r $579.95 ea*
*Note: Core in advance required

Fuel Distributor: Re-build your original, most injected models: #FDX-R $950.00 ea*
Fuel Pump: Re-build your original, most models: #LA619-R $289.50 ea*
Fuel Pump
*Note: Core in advance required

Shock absorbers

Front, All models: #la82-22fr $375.00 ea
Koni Shocks, Front & Rear
Rear, All models: #la82-22rr $375.00 ea
R&R (remove & replace) Coil Spring, all models: #krrs $64.50 per shock
Chemical Strip & Powder Coat Coil Spring, all models: #krps $79.50 per spring
R&R shock bushing, all models: #krrsb $49.50 ea, note 2 per shock
NOTE: Rebuild front or rear in sets only

*Note: Core in advance required.

Starter, Bata Coupe, Sedan, Zagato, HPE, 1975-82: #BZRST $299.95*
Starter, Scorpion, 1800cc: #BSRST $299.95
*Note: Core in advance required

Steering Rack: Re-built your core, most models: #LARSR-R $549.00 ea*
*Note: Core in advance required

Water Pump, Scorpion, 1800cc, specify if with AC: #LSsrwp $229.95*
Water Pump, Beta Zagato: #la9696 $219.95*
*Note: Core in advance required

In cases when customers original core is used for rebuild outbound/inbound freight charges will apply.
Eliminate the Core Charge by shipping your core to us in advance!
Contact us if you have questions or need shipping details.
NOTE: Charges associated with machining, sleeving and other related shop time fees are charged at $80.00 per hour.
this charge is over the normal rebuild estimates listed.

Core charges apply on rebuilt/exchange units, exchange units must be rebuild-able to receive full or partial credit.

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